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Stained Glass

Abstract Stained Glass -- Birds of Paradise (Plant and Bird combo)
Abstract Stained Glass - Moonlight Lake Dance

Birds of Paradise -- $840.00

What was the Artist Thinking?

glass # birdsparadise

weight - 13 lbs

size - 16" x 16.5"

This beautiful and abstract stained glass window colorfully combines the beauty of both the bird kind of bird-of paradise with the plant kind of bird-of paradise.

This artwork is made from antique drawn stained glass and was cut entirely by hand. (One of the more difficult pieces of glass took over an hour to cut all by itself!) It is 16" x 16.5" (with the hanging loops included in the measurement) and contains red, gold, yellow, mauve, turquoise, blue, green, and purple.

Moonlight Lake Dance -- $400.00

glass # moonlight

weight - 5 lbs

size - 8.5" x 14.125"

This peaceful and abstract stained glass window panel artfully depicts the dancing of the moonlight on a rippling sea.

(The oval panel is 8.5" wide by 14.125" long and predominately contains blue, gold, and green. It was photographed with bare tree limbs behind it.)







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