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Kari Gunter-Kremers

I was born to two wonderful and brilliant parents, Thomas Edgar Gunter and Karlene Corbit Klages in Rochester New York. They are both biophysicists, and I grew up in a world of mitochondria, and calcium transport, and apoptosis. (Well, of course we ALL grew up in that world, but I grew up hearing regular conversations about those esoteric subjects which I suspect is a lot less common.) My hard-working and insightful parents instilled in me an absolute LOVE of learning. I admit it: I was one of those dorky kids who LOVED school. I STILL love learning so much that I am constantly teaching myself new things so that I can keep on learning. Kari Gunter-Kremers

In school my three favorite subjects (if I had to pick only three) were art, math, and science, in that order. As much as I adore math and science, my true love was, and still is -- besides my husband -- art. I decided to build my career in art because everything I love about the world translates into art in my heart -- love, beauty, and even math and science are all art in my mind. (How our cells organize themselves to take in raw nutrients and translate them into constantly growing and changing actual LIFE is so beautiful to me. As is the bizarre and other-worldly system of organization in mathematical chaos -- this fascinates me no end.)

And as much as I see “art” in the way the wind dances and the magic of cellular regeneration, my lively-hood is primarily made up of visual art forms -- stained glass, drawings, paintings, photographs, jewelry, ceramics, sculpture, inlay, and more. My career began with my decision about which college to attend. I chose Rhode Island School of Design or “RISD” as it is affectionately referred to as.

RISD provided me with the best art education I could have found anywhere, and it further developed my profound love of art. While there I honed my drawing and sculptural abilities. RISD taught me about photography, stained glass, and ceramics. Of course while at RISD, I was also exposed to color theory, graphic design, and the great artists of the past. I cannot express what I got out of being at RISD and being surrounded by such immense creative talent, but it left me with a desire to learn even more.

After RISD I went on to teach myself the art of jewelry-making, wood inlay, watercolor painting, and more. The more I learned, the more I knew I could not confine myself to just one medium because they all have their own special beauty.

As diverse as my artwork is, there is always a consistency (at least in my mind) of my subject matter -- my absolute adoration of nature. I love its light and its color, its boldness and its subtleties, its childlike playfulness and its majestic sublimity; I love its surprising softness and its harsh contrasts, its simplicity and its complexity. I pretty much love everything about it which is exactly what I try to capture in my artwork. I truly hope you enjoy your visit to my art gallery and can share with me for this brief time my love of both art and nature.

My art business, Distant Sun Artwork, was born out of my love for art and nature both.

Note: I’ve discovered, throughout my career as an artist, that many people like to know a little something about the artwork from the artist’s point of view. If you are one of those people, then the section, “What Was The Artist Thinking,” sometimes found at the beneath an artwork’s image, is made especially for you. Enjoy!

Also of Note: If you have a specific question about an artwork, for example whether or not you can order an artwork in a larger or smaller size than listed or whether you can order an artwork with a specific frame that you saw in one of the art festivals, please don’t hesitate to contact me at karigk@distantsunartwork.com.




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