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Abstract Photography


About some of the ways Kari has abstracted a photograph:


Black and White Photography

Black and white photography takes a different kind of eye as the photographer than color photography does.

You must train your eye to shut out information of color dominance and just see the different values of color around you.  Colors that appear dull when you are looking primarily at their hue can become vibrant and alive when you are looking only at their value.  Similarly, brilliant colors that dominate a scene may become almost obscure when you aren’t looking at their hue at all.

Kari began her passion  for nature photography just photographing in black and white, and although she doesn’t shoot nearly as much black and white as she used to, she still loves its unique and luminous quality.  Kari believes that black and white photography still makes a major contribution to the fine art photography world.  Please enjoy these black and white portraits, landscapes, close-ups, and abstracts.

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Macro Photography (or "close-up photography")

Abstract Photography is one of Kari’s joys.  She loves to take a subject in nature and try and look at it in a slightly different light, or angle, or manner.  She will often use macro photography (or "close-up photography") as a means to interact with a flower in a different way (as in her “Daisy Dance Photo”).

She will often crop out parts of a subject in order to concentrate on a different aspect of the subject than usually gets attention (as in her “Fairyland Photo” where she crops out almost all of the winter river to focus on the tiny ice sculptures created by it).

In her macro photos she will use an extremely small depth of field (as in her “Black Tulip Feathers Photo”) to create a new space, a new world.

When she takes and abstracts a subject in this manner, it creates a gorgeous, original, fine art photo that would make an excellent gift for any abstract art-lover.

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Stained Glass-like Abstract Photography

Many of Kari’s unique abstract photography depicts subjects taken in such a way as to suggest stained glass, one of Kari’s other passions.  It is obvious in her photos (such as in her “Tiffany Dogwood Photo”) that Kari loves both stained glass as well as nature photography

Kari crops the photos in ways that take ordinary tree branches and turn them into stained glass lead lines, and ordinary autumn leaves and spring flowers and turns them into original, abstract colored glass pieces.  If you enjoy abstract photography and stained glass both, you will surely enjoy this part of her gallery.

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