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Prices of Photographs

Size of Photo Itself   Just Photo - No Mat, No Frame Photo with Signed Mat, No Frame Photo with Signed Mat and Frame*
Small (8x8, 8x10, or 8x12)  
$85 (frame is 11x14)
Medium (11x11, 11x14, or 10x15)  
special order only
Large (16x16, 16x20, or 16x24)  
special order only
Any Size Larger Than "Large"  
special order only
special order only
special order only

* -- All frames are black metallic frames unless you make a special request for one of the frames you saw at one of the shows (which you must describe in detail but the price will be the same as listed above).



Prices of Photographic Cards

Size of Card
Single Cards
6 or more Same-sized Cards (can be different cards) of Customer Choice

Premade Card Collections

Small (4.25" x 5.5")
$2.25 each
$2.00 each
$11.00 for the set
Large (5" x 7")
$3.25 each
$3.00 each
$17.00 for the set


All watercolor poster prints are $12 per print.


Prices for other Artwork, please see Individual Artwork pages




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