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Plant Photography

Spanish Moss
Rainforest Grand Opening  (freycinetia excelsa plant)

Spanish Moss Photo

photo # 5091

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)

Rainforest Grand Opening Photo
(freycinetia excelsa plant)

photo # 5237

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)
Large (16x20)

Plant in Prayer
Light in My Darkest Night (black and white square photo of light shining on leaves)

Plant in Prayer Photo

photo # 5062

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)

Light in My Darkest Night
(black and white square photo of light shining on leaves)

photo # 4944

Small (black and white 8x8 - square)
Medium (11x11)

Renewal Photo (black and white photo of plant growing up through a discarded tire -- vertical photo)
Life Spiral (leaves -- vertical photo)

Renewal Photo
(black and white vertical photo of plant growing up through a discarded tire)

photo # 6253

Small (black and white 8x12 - vertical)
Medium (10x15)

Life Spiral Photo
(vertical photo of plant leaves linked together)
(Note from the artist: I found these leaves naturally linked together in the forest; I did not link them)

photo # 5020

Small (8x10 - vertical)
Medium (11x14)
Large (16x20)

Wood Grain Rapids (photo of leaf in the nook of dead tree)
Cactus Points

Wood Grain Rapids Photo

photo # 6085

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)

Cactus Points Photo

photo # 5118

Small (8x12)
Medium (10x15)

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Plant photography

Not all plant photos have to be centered around flowers. Non-flowering plants hold an interest in their own right.

Artistically speaking the plant photo composition can be a collection of lines, shades, colors, textures, visual movement, and light quality. The photograph can be about how light and dark play off of each other both physically and psychologically, about how complimentary colors embrace each other on the same leaf, or about the diversity and intricacy of textures within the plant world. Sometimes the plant may act as a background or stage for an animal, or a person or human element, but most of the time, you do not need to add these elements to make it interesting.



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