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Bird Photography

In this Zen-like nature photo, six flying Canadian geese resemble the graceful calligraphy of a Chinese word.
Sunshine Yellow Parrot

Canadian Goose Calligraphy Photo
(Canadian geese flying)

photo # 4535

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)

Sunshine Yellow Parrot Photo

photo # 6550

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)

Australian Galah
Crimson Rosellas Perching

Australian Galah Photo

photo # 6569

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)

Crimson Rosellas Perching Photo

photo # 4517

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)
Large (16x20)

Winter Cardinal (in snow)
picture of three Canadian geese preening

Winter Cardinal Photo

photo # 0023

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)
Large (16x20)

Communal Preening Time Photo
(Canadian geese preening. Please note: the goose to the far left has his eyes closed as he preens, and the sun is glinting off of his eyelid which makes it look white. There is nothing injured about this goose.)

photo # 0364

Small (8x12)
Medium (10x15)
Large (16x24)

a great blue heron fishing
Rainbow Lorikeet

Wading Great Blue Heron Photo

photo # 8807

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)
Large (16x20)

Rainbow Lorikeet Portrait Photo

photo # 6631

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)

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Bird photography

Bird photography is one of Kari’s passions.  She loves to get into the close-up world of birds.

Taking pictures of birds give her an excuse for bird-watching -- for studying every kind of bird from birds of prey (owls, hawks, eagles, falcons, etc) to songbirds (cardinals, mockingbirds, chickadees, bluebirds, sparrows, etc) to waterfowl and shore birds (egrets, herons, ducks, geese, swans, gulls, etc) to more exotic birds (like parrots, macaws, lorikeets, cockatoos, and tropical birds of paradise).

Whether you are interested in buying one of Kari’s bird photos that are for sale or just enjoy watching birds yourself, Kari welcomes you to her bird gallery.  You will find birds taking baths, flying birds, singing birds, preening birds, swimming birds, and practically every kind of other bird activity.  Enjoy!



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