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Bird Photography

Silver Seagull Stretching
White-faced Heron

Silver Seagull Stretching Photo

photo # 3877

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)
Large (16x20)

White-faced Heron Photo

photo # 3989

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)
Large (16x20)

black and white abstract cockatoo photo portrait -- square
In this wild and funny nature photo, a few Canadian Geese show off their acrobatic prowess in mid flight.

Cockatoo Photo
(black and white)

photo # 6672

Small (black and white 8x8 - square)
Medium (11x11)

High Flying Antics Photo
(Canadian geese in flight)

photo # 4487

Small (8x8 - square)
Medium (11x11)

Winking Owl (Eurasian Eagle Owl)
Purple Swamphen

Winking Owl Photo
(Eurasian Eagle Owl)

photo # 4318

Small (8x12)
Medium (10x15)

Purple Swamphen Photo

photo # 3692

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)
Large (16x20)

great blue heron fishes on the shores of New Brunswick
picture of a yellow-naped Amazon parrot tucked up ready to take a nap

Great Blue Heron Fishing Photo

photo # 8710

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)
Large (16x20)

Yellow-Naped Naptime Photo
(yellow-naped Amazon parrot)

photo # 6531

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)

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Bird photography

Bird photography is one of Kari’s passions.  She loves to get into the close-up world of birds.

Taking pictures of birds give her an excuse for bird-watching -- for studying every kind of bird from birds of prey (owls, hawks, eagles, falcons, etc) to songbirds (cardinals, mockingbirds, chickadees, bluebirds, sparrows, etc) to waterfowl and shore birds (egrets, herons, ducks, geese, swans, gulls, etc) to more exotic birds (like parrots, macaws, lorikeets, cockatoos, and tropical birds of paradise).

Whether you are interested in buying one of Kari’s bird photos that are for sale or just enjoy watching birds yourself, Kari welcomes you to her bird gallery.  You will find birds taking baths, flying birds, singing birds, preening birds, swimming birds, and practically every kind of other bird activity.  Enjoy!



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