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Animal Photography

Madagascar Day Gecko -- vertical
Sunbathing Lizard (Side-head View)

Madagascar Day Gecko Photo

photo # 6174

Small (8x10 - vertical)
Medium (11x14)

Sunbathing Lizard Photo
(Side-head View)

photo # 5797

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)

Australian Platypus
Cat Face -- square

Australian Platypus Photo

What was the Artist Thinking?
photo # 5305

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)

Cat Face Photo

photo # 5711

Small (8x8 - square)
Medium (11x11)

Female Hypochilus Spider (in her web)
Male Hypochilus Spider

Female Hypochilus Spider Photo
Look closely... She’s there! She’s in her web and has some killer camouflage.

photo # 6915

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)

Male Hypochilus Spider Photo
(waiting nearby)

Okay. These spiders are creepy, but they are fascinating too.

photo # 6916

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)

Fowler's Toad
Silver-Spotted Skipper Butterfly

Fowler's Toad Photo

photo # 5822

Small ( 8x12)
Medium (10x15)

Silver-Spotted Skipper Butterfly Photo

photo # 6784

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)

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Animal photography

Photographing animals, other than birds, is almost as good as photographing birds in Kari’s mind.

Kari has photographed every kind of animal -- be it mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish, or insect or other invertebrate.

In her Animal Gallery you can find everything from a cute kitten or dog photo to a wild platypus to an elegant dragonfly or a creepy spider. Some of her subjects are domesticated such as the dog in her black and white, abstract photograph, “Dog on Porch Photo.”Some of the animals are animals in captivity such as her panda bear in “Tian Tian Panda Bear Photo.” Most of her subjects are taken outdoors in the wild such as her “Australian Platypus Photo” or “Lace Monitor Photo” or “Eastern Tiger Butterfly Photo.”

Some of her animal photos are abstract in nature such as, “Mama's Shelter Photo.” Some are cute such as, “Koala Nap Photo” or funny like, “Tree-snacking Squirrel Photo.” Some are elegant like, “Persian Snow Photo,” and some are like paintings such as, “Delicate Dragonfly Photo.” A few are creepy like, “Beauty and the Beast Photo,” but most are straightforward like, “Red Legged Pademelon Photo.” Whether you like cute and cuddly animals or are fascinated by the creepy-crawlies, Kari has an animal photo to suit every taste. Enjoy the Animal Photography Gallery.





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