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Animal Photography

Dark Form Female Eastern Tiger Butterfly
A Grazing Doe

Dark Form Female Eastern Tiger Butterfly Photo
In this photograph only the head area of this beautiful dark form female Eastern tiger butterfly is in sharp focus. The rest of her fades gently out-of-focus to give her a softer, more feminine appeal.

photo # 6785

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)

A Grazing Doe Photo
This photo was taken at sunset on a too-dry field -- thus the strange color.

photo # 6972

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)

Koala Nap (koala sleeping in tree)
Side View of a Twelve Spot Skimmer Dragonfly

Koala Nap Photo

photo # 4264

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)
Large (16x20)

Side View of a Twelve Spot Skimmer Dragonfly Photo

photo # 4400

Small (8x12)
Medium (10x15)

Proserpine Rock Wallaby (kangaroo)
Tree-snacking Squirrel

Proserpine Rock Wallaby Photo

photo # 4346

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)
Large (16x20)

Tree-snacking Squirrel Photo

photo # 5357

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)

Mama's Shelter (Photo of Mother Cat and Her Kitten) -- square
Eastern Tiger Butterfly

Mama's Shelter Photo
(Photo of Mother Cat and Her Kitten)

photo # 5518

Small (8x8 - square)
Medium (11x11)

Eastern Tiger Butterfly Photo

photo # 7005

Small (8x10)
Medium (11x14)

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Animal photography

Photographing animals, other than birds, is almost as good as photographing birds in Kari’s mind.

Kari has photographed every kind of animal -- be it mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish, or insect or other invertebrate.

In her Animal Gallery you can find everything from a cute kitten or dog photo to a wild platypus to an elegant dragonfly or a creepy spider. Some of her subjects are domesticated such as the dog in her black and white, abstract photograph, “Dog on Porch Photo.”Some of the animals are animals in captivity such as her panda bear in “Tian Tian Panda Bear Photo.” Most of her subjects are taken outdoors in the wild such as her “Australian Platypus Photo” or “Lace Monitor Photo” or “Eastern Tiger Butterfly Photo.”

Some of her animal photos are abstract in nature such as, “Mama's Shelter Photo.” Some are cute such as, “Koala Nap Photo” or funny like, “Tree-snacking Squirrel Photo.” Some are elegant like, “Persian Snow Photo,” and some are like paintings such as, “Delicate Dragonfly Photo.” A few are creepy like, “Beauty and the Beast Photo,” but most are straightforward like, “Red Legged Pademelon Photo.” Whether you like cute and cuddly animals or are fascinated by the creepy-crawlies, Kari has an animal photo to suit every taste. Enjoy the Animal Photography Gallery.



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